Utilizing Advanced Nano Technology From Japan, Manufactured In The US

All SURFACES Refinishing & Coating Systems Over 1100 PSI Adhesion

HydroBlok is a groundbreaking Epoxy Floor finishing system manufactured in the US using Japanese technologies. It sets itself apart from other epoxies by being impervious to all water conditions, performing flawlessly under any wet condition, and boasting super adhesion and durability that surpasses every other product on the market by a factor of ten. This unique combination of features has created an overwhelming demand for HydroBlok.

HydroBlok Strength: Unveiling the Impressive Power and Performance of HydroBlok

HydroBlok’s strength is exceptional. In adhesion strength tests on wet surfaces and surfaces not designed for adhesion, such as Quarry tile, it achieved over 1,500 PSI with failure occurring at the surface of the tile. You can watch the live testing in the available video. Other leading brands typically only achieve 200 to 300 PSI at best. As a moisture vapor barrier tested against the highest level of hydrostatic pressure, while leading products offer ratings of 12 or 24, HydroBlok delivers an impressive 1,100 PSI. In infrastructure testing for bridges and tunnels, a full-strength test was conducted for adhesion strength. The test was stopped at 2,500 PSI and scheduled for new facility testing due to the anticipated violent reaction at failure with pressure exceeding 3,000 PSI.

Moreover, the World of Concrete Conference has recognized HydroBlok’s potential, and in January 2022, it was highlighted as one of the world’s top 10 up-and-coming products for 2022. While the full potential strength of HydroBlock Primer’s adhesion is yet to be realized, we are excited to have developed a successful solution to a problem that has plagued the industry worldwide.

Maximizing Your Investment: The Benefits and Cost of HydroBlok

Investing in HydroBlok means a significant increase in your business’s value, with quantifiable benefits. By using HydroBlok, you can avoid the costs of returning to a project to address failures, which will not only save you time but also increase your annual profits by up to 40%. In a two-year study, we logged every project in which HydroBlok was applied, and none resulted in performance failures, providing you with the assurance that you will have fewer returns to address failures.

HydroBlok is available in kits of 2 gallons or drums of 55 gallons, both priced on a “per gallon” basis. The price includes everything, including parts A and B, and the required additive that increases performance and grants better properties. The additive is a “Toughener” and is not optional but mandated, so the price is already figured in.

HydroBlok’s primer-only option, which can supplement any other system you have in circulation and is compatible with every other manufacturer’s product, can cover approximately 800 square feet or a 3-car garage with stem walls. The nanonization of the molecular structure of the molecules allows the product to go farther than typical products.

MVB 1100 PSI Super Primer


Same Day/ Over Night 
Full system finish in 6- Hours. Refinish Surfaces overnight.
No need to close your facility.

Anti Skid + Pigment/Flakes+accelerator 
Conveniently Packaged in Kits 
Simple Application with a Roller

Only light cleaning required 
No Grinding, Sanding, Removal 
Apply directly over any tile, concrete, and anything in between.

Acid, heat, and strain resistant
Strongest adhesion for high traffic areas
Over 1100 PSI